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Firstly, to cut to the chase, Lynne Marie was fantastic to work with. At all hours of the day or night she was right there whenever I needed something. I could call, text and email and she would respond promptly. This the MOST important thing you can ask for in broker. I have so many thoughts about the house buying process, but so little time to sit down and really write them all out. All in all we didn’t have a perfect experience buying a house in the full extent of the process. But having our mortgage sherpa Lynn Marie and our tech savvy partner Redfin – we had the best experience that I think could exist. I think a lot of work needs to be done to modernize the house buying process, but if you have a personal rep and a company like Redfin you should be golden. Lynne Marie would broker our mortgage, call the bank, suggest contract language, suggest letters to write, answer questions, give advice and provide guidance through the murky waters. I really tried to do as much research a possible, but having Lynne Marie over there helping keep rates low, keep the bank in order was a relief. She made me feel comfortable and confident in the buying proces

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