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Save Big with Low 15-Year Fixed Rates

With a 15-year fixed rate mortgage, you get the security of a consistent rate and payment with considerably less interest over the course of your loan.  A 15-year fixed comes with lower rates that when coupled with the shorter loan term can add up to $100,000 or more of total savings!  This loan is a great choice for the financially savvy customer.  Tinker around with our mortgage calculator on the right and see the difference a 15-year term would make in your mortgage with your actual loan value.

In a Nutshell

  • Extensive overall financial savings
  • Monthly payments based on interest rate, principal loan amount, and amortized interest over 15 years
  • Your payment will not change throughout the life of the loan
  • Pay your mortgage off at any time without pre-payment penalties
  • Refinance up to 95% of your primary home’s valueBuy a home with as little as 5% down

Call one of our Expert Mortgage Loan Advisers today to discuss the advantages of a 15-year fixed mortgage and get you started with a great low rate today!

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